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Communication Skills training.
Helping Finnish professionals for over 30 years!

All courses tailor made to suit the company, group and individual

Native British trainer,
also speaks Finnish

Do you:

  • Use other methods of study, but still don’t feel confident enough to use your English?
  • Feel that your spoken English is rusty?
  • Get nervous about preparing and giving presentations in English?
  • Want to make your presentations more effective and professional?
  • Need to be more fluent in online meetings in English?
  • Need help learning, activating and pronouncing work-related English vocabulary?
  • Dislike speaking English on the telephone?
  • Have difficulty writing emails, or filling in forms in English?
  • Want to be more confident when meeting and entertaining visitors from abroad?
  • Need your English text proofreading?
  • Have difficulty understanding your colleagues from other countries and cultures?

I can help!

Let me help you find, and reach your targets. Learn and use real English with a qualified and experienced trainer. Face to face training with a native speaker is the best way to improve confidence, fluency and improve the areas you need the most. Learn only what you need, no time or money wasted on unnecessary training or products. Fun and productive lessons, every time.

Start preparing for the future – today.

*Testing, needs analysis and grouping

Business English Training

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*Testing is free of charge for all students that start a course with English Unlocked within a 1-month period.
Offer valid until August 2024.

Why English Unlocked?

Tailor made for you

All courses are tailor made – no money wasted on irrelevant training, or products that sit on the shelf. Every lesson is productive, and fun!


No fixed term contracts. Training continues only as long as participants enjoy and get benefit from their courses.
Choose the day and times to train that suit you best.


Over 30 years’ experience of working with international business people from many different business sectors and industries.

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