Start the right way with testing!
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Testing before training has a number of advantages:

  • Find the initial starting levels of participants before training begins.
  • Use this information to check on progress at a later stage.
  • Understand what the participants already know. Target only what they need to be able to do their jobs more effectively.
  • Help the consultant plan the course content.
  • Targeted tailor-made courses ensure you don’t wast time or money on training that is not needed.

Testing includes:

  • A full written structure test.
  • A 15-minute personal interview with the trainer.
  • A Needs Analysis to help plan the course content.
  • Full reporting on results to the company.
  • Advice on forming groups based on participant levels and needs.
  • Individual reports if needed.

Contact David Houghton for to organise testing dates, and send an editable timetable template.
Testing is free of charge for any students that participate in an English Unlocked course within a 1-month period.
Offer valid until August 2024.