How it Works

Four-Stage Approach

I recommend a four-stage approach, as shown below, when planning training. This ensures each individual gets the training they need, either individually or with a small group of others with similar needs and levels. All stages are supported by full reporting where necessary. Of course, you can form your own groups if you already know how to proceed.
*Please note that stages 1 and 2 are free of charge for any students that participate in an English Unlocked course within a 1-month period. Offer valid until August 2024.

*Testing and Needs Analysis

Each student completes a written structure test, a needs analysis form and has a 15-minute interview with a language consultant. They will receive a written report with their results and level.

*Grouping and course content

I will recommend group members based on current language ability, individual needs and the company’s own input.

Training period

Regular weekly, or intensive training will start following the programme of study set for each individual, or group.


At the end of the training period each student will be re-assessed and given further training, if needed, to achieve their targets.