Represent yourself, and your company professionally

Magazine articles, web content, presentation materials, online forms, emails…
Send your texts and I will return them quickly – ready to use or publish.

Badly-translated text can give a poor, even unprofessional impression of the writer or company. Let’s do it right!
I have a long history of proofreading English language articles for technical magazines, texts for internet publication, presentation slides, emails, work-related documents, online and paper forms, letters etc.

  • Send me your texts by email in Word, Powerpoint, Keynote format…
  • Online forms can be completed together in person, or using Teams/Google Meet etc.
  • Texts sent by email will be proof read and returned quickly.
  • Returned texts show all changes that have been made – the author can check and accept before using.
  • Regular contact can be made with the sender / author to ensure the translated text is correct in meaning.
  • Full confidentiality. NDA’s can be signed where necessary.
  • Pricing is by the hour and billed monthly.
  • All your staff can benefit with a controlled “clipcard”, monthly limit system.

Contact me for more details and pricing.