“Maintworld Magazine has been using English Unlocked to proofread our articles since the magazine first began, way back in 2009. Our long history together has been a great success and this is a service that we can trust; articles are always returned quickly, and to a highly-professional standard. We have been delighted with the service David has offered and can strongly recommend his services.”
Kai Portman, CEO Maintworld Magazine

“We have a long and happy history of working with English Unlocked. David has helped with our language training needs and we have always been delighted with the feedback and results. Thank you David!”
Minna Hedman, Panda Oy

“David has organised and trained our English groups in different parts of Finland with great success. I also benefitted as CEO with specific skills training, helping me represent and present our company abroad with confidence. Very popular with our staff and a truly professional trainer.
English Unlocked comes highly recommended!”
Matti Löppönen, Betolar Oyj

“David’s cheerful approach and professionalism in guiding groups and individuals is top notch. Each group member has equal speaking time and all group members are given full attention. Our English language immersion helped me tremendously in trusting my own English skills and having the confidence to speak boldly.”
Marja Sivonen, Alva Oy