Language Workshops

Improve your fluency, confidence and work-related vocabulary in a specific area.
Language workshops are half-day or full-day intensive courses designed to help you immediately in the area you need the most.

Some popular courses include:

  • English for business trips and travel.
  • Meeting and entertaining business people from abroad.
  • English for healthcare specialists.
  • Mobile device circularity and lowering your company carbon footprint.
  • Written English for the office.
  • Socialising and small talk.


Socialising and Small Talk (One or Two-Day Course)

This is a one, or two-day language-based course for business people wishing to develop their fluency and confidence for social business situations. The main input to the programme is language for everyday work situations, hosting a visit and socialising. The course content is very flexible and will be altered and tailored to suit the exact needs and level of each particular group.

Choose the topics that you need the most…

  • Introducing yourself and meeting people
  • Small talk, strategies for the first five minutes
  • Small talk – Game and role play
  • Introducing your company, mini presentations
  • Asking for and giving information: language review
  • Making offers and invitations: language review
  • Entertaining guests in Finland: some dos and don’ts
  • Agreeing and disagreeing; levels of formality
  • Asking for and giving opinions
  • Techniques for explaining and topics for discussion
  • Complaining and apologising politely: language review
  • Wining and dining
  • Food and restaurant vocabulary
  • A typical Finnish menu, the company canteen
  • Factory tours
  • Describing processes
  • Using the passive
  • Language review: error correction and typical Finnish mistakes
  • Easily confused words and typical pronunciation errors
  • Ending the day
  • Expressing thanks, inviting, saying goodbye
  • Phrases, hints, and practice
  • Course review and feedback

Contact David Houghton for prices, sample Programme of Study and availability.