Business English training

Choose a theme, or the areas in which you need to improve the most.

Improve your confidence – don’t be afraid to speak!

Regular weekly, semi-intensive or intensive training at your place of work, or in a hotel.

Together we can build your own tailor-made course. Start making progress, today.

Typical and popular course content includes:

  • Activating passive vocabulary.
  • English for Business travel and working abroad.
  • Improving “rusty” spoken English.
  • English for the Office: Writing emails, reports, filling in forms…
  • Giving factory tours.
  • Healthcare and medical English.
  • Receiving and entertaining visitors from abroad.
  • Socaialising and small talk.
  • Technical English.
  • Circularity and lowering the carbon footprint of your company.
  • English for customer service personnel.
  • Preparing and giving professional presentations.
  • Cultural awareness: avoid misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Work and job-specific English: Financial, banking, paper and pulp technology, IT, human resources…
  • Meetings and negotiations.
  • Managing online meetings in English.
  • Improving grammatical awareness and accuracy in speech / writing.
  • Activating passive vocabulary.
  • Pronunciation.
  • Proof reading articles, letters, emails, completed forms etc.

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*Language testing is free of charge for any students that take part in an English Unlocked course within a 1-month period.
Offer valid until August 2024.

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