Skills-Based Courses

Choose from a number of specialised business-skills topics to study. These are half-day, full-day or two-day courses, depending on the topic and group.

Here are examples of two popular courses, many others are available:

Preparing and delivering presentations

  • What makes a good presentation? Dos and Don’ts
  • What makes a good presenter? Dos and Don’ts
  • Types of presentation. 30 second and 5 minute quickfire practice.
  • Preparation, the key to success.
  • Visual aids. Preparation, the good and the bad. How to use in practice.
  • Use of body language.
  • Keeping the listeners’ attention: voice control, gestures, eye-contact, pausing…
  • Presentation structure: getting attention, greetings, introductions, outlining, sequencing, signposting, summarising and concluding.
  • Useful opening techniques.
  • Rhetorical questions and tripling.
  • Handling difficult questions and dealing with interruptions.
  • Cross cultural factors in presentations.
  • Delivery of participants presentations supported by video recording, feedback…
  • Etc.

Receiving and entertaining international guests

  • Introducing yourself and meeting people.
  • Small talk, strategies for the first five minutes.
  • Small talk – Game and role play.
  • Introducing your company and your responsibilities, mini presentations.
  • Cultural Awareness. Entertaining guests in Finland.
  • Using English with guests. Do I really need to be so polite?
  • Food and restaurant vocabulary. Describing a typical Finnish menu.
  • Offering and requesting.
  • Factory tours. Using the passive.
  • Asking for and giving opinions.
  • Agreeing and disagreeing.
  • Etc.